Firstly, even before entering this world, we lay in our mother’s womb hearing her voice. It’s our first assurance that someone is out there who loves and cares for us. As we grow older and move ahead. It’s the words we hear that guide us in this chaotic world. For us, words are not just a form of communication. They can change us forever. Every word we hear does affect our persona.

We keep hearing a lot about the power of words. A soothing word could relieve us from stress, a promise could help us get over a hurdle, a smiling conversation can lift our hopes on humanity. There are instances where a song has overturned suicidal tendencies. Words are magical indeed!

Secondly, we at TALRadio have decided to utilize the magical power of sound. After prolonged research and detailed analysis. We have come up with a strategy to entertain the audience. But here is how TAL Radio is the catch. TALRadio is not just a medium of entertainment. It’s a kindness wave!

However, negativity breeds a pessimistic attitude and destructive results. In this chaotic world, we have enough news that presents our lives in grey and gloomy situations. This is why TALRadio has decided to focus on the positive side of mankind. Every program of ours was designed to evoke kindness, self-love, self-esteem, and feel-good factor in listeners.

Like a rainbow in the sky, goodness has to be looked up to, cherished, and inspired. TAL Radio presents such inspiring stories. Stories of a common man who strived for others, stories of great people that turned them into a legend, stories of kindness acts that assert our humanity, stories of organizations of villages of communities striving to make this world a better place to live.

In conclusion, the vision of TALRadio is to evoke empathy through positive stories. We love to see our listeners get motivated, educated, think and act towards kindness. Let them believe that anyone can bring a change to this world in his own unique possible way. Our talk shows, documentaries, interviews, live chats were designed and executed with the sole purpose of turning our lives happy and positive.