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On TALRadio Broadcast, podcasts, Videos, and Blogs were all made to strengthen our vision of spreading kindness through stories.

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Welcome to our optimistic world! Listen, Feel, Act.

We love to tell stories. Stories of unsung heroes, of inspiring lives, of die-hard struggles… stories that motivate us! We believe that this is the best way to move the hearts, as words can do wonders. We trust that a few good words could spread positivism, showcase the problems and provide inspiration. They can make the listeners feel good, evoke kindness among them and motivate them to serve the needy.

Our Radio Broadcast, Podcast, Videos, and Blogs were all made to strengthen our vision of spreading kindness through stories

Recent Telugu Podcast Episodes

  • Achieving A Determined Character | Smart To Wise

    Life isn’t an easy game. We have to face many challenges and overcome hurdles at each and every juncture of our life. We have to turn our experiences into lessons...

  • Life Embedded With Literature - Part 2 | Mana Rchayitalu

    Anil Atluri is known for his passion for books. Coming from a family which has been associated with literature and activism… Anil has made his own mark in literary world....

  • Stories of Inspiring Women | Life Mantra

    Here are the stories of women who has not only chosen unusual paths, but also excelled in the unique fields they have chosen. From social service to politics… here are...

  • From Village To London Business School – An Inspiring Journey

    Prof. Madan Mohan is a globally renowned management academic and leader in the field of organizational behavior. His journey from a small village in Andhra Pradesh to becoming a professor...

  • Striving For Better Generations | Ratnam Chitturi - Part 2

    It isn’t a mere coincidence that while we are speaking with Ratnam Chitturi, the founder of North South Foundation… a student from his organization has won the prestigious Scripps National...

  • Balu – A Synonym for Song

    SP Balasubrahmanyam, fondly known as Balu, is a household name for Indian Music lovers. With more than 50 thousand songs under his name and thousands of everlasting, mesmerizing classics… his...

  • Detoxify Your Kitchen | Know Your Plate

    We are living in the times where health consciousness is gaining momentum. People are now aware about the quality and quantity of food they are consuming. However, very little is...

  • The Secret of Unconditional Love | Smart to Wise

    Love is a wonderful experience unique for humans. However, there are many misconceptions around love and confusion about what unconditional love is. This is why we have asked our expert...

  • Life Embedded With Literature | Mana Rachayitalu

    Anil Atluri is a bibliophile and a passionate writer. He is revered as an author, freelance writer, publisher and critic. This well known personality of literary world has an interesting...

  • Coping With Sciatica - The Ayurveda Way | Ayurvedam-Arogyam

    Sciatic Pain often refers to the radiating pain along the sciatic nerve, which runs down one or both legs from the lower back. Sciatica is a symptom of a medical...

  • He Left His Job To Treat Patients Of Rural India

    Ravi Kannan is a Surgical oncologist who gained a great name and fame with his skills. However, he was moved by the plight of poor people at Barak Valley in...

  • NTR Centenary Celebrations Special

    NTR can undoubtedly be counted as one of the best actors Indian Cinema has ever produced. Irrespective of genre and cast… he has excelled in every role he has undertaken....

  • Striving For Better Generations | Spurthi Kiranalu

    Ratnam Chitturi is among the early generations to reach Amercian land and get settled there successfully. However, he wished to share his success with the society which resulted in the...

  • An Elephant That Won Oscar | Sahithi Sravanthi

    The Elephant Whisperers has made history by becoming the first Oscar Winning Documentary by Indian Producers. The Elephant Whisperers is a beautiful portrayal of the relationship between humans and mother...

  • All You Should Know About Cholesterol | Know Your Plate

    Cholesterol has become the buzzword of the health sector. We keep hearing a lot about cholesterol and different aspects of it, such as LDL and HDL. We knew that cholesterol,...

  • Atul Chandra – A Captain Fighting For Society | Your's Friendly

    Captain Atul Chandra Barua, who selflessly served the country, was moved by the plight of old and deprived women. He has set up a home for aged and deprived women...

  • How To Win Hearts & Life With Love | Smart to Wise

    Humans are blessed to have some unique traits such as consciousness and creativity. However Love is the most important quality in his character. In the times when despair, loneliness, greed,...

  • Words Without Inhibitions | Mana Rachayitalu

    Book reading is a passion for some and a hobby for many. Here is Meher, who reads to get more exposed to life and analyze it. He has not only...

  • Freedom From Rigid Shoulders | Ayurvedam-Arogyam - 41

    A frozen shoulder, called Rigid Shoulder, involves stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin slowly get worse over a period of time. It is interesting...

  • Gurtukostunnayi - Special Tribute to Music Director Raj

    A heartfelt podcast dedicated to the memory of Tollywood's beloved music director, Raj. Renowned singer Srikrishna takes us on a nostalgic journey, reminiscing about Raj's mesmerizing compositions and their profound...

  • Why is Sirivennela So Special | Singer Sri Krishna

    It’s been over a year since Seetharama Sastry, fondly called Sirivennela, left us. But the lyrics are still lingering in the air. Every house, every heart in Telugu speaking atmosphere...

  • Light, Camera, Truth – Mrinal Sen | Sahithi Sravanthi

    Mrinal Sen is not a new name to the lovers of parallel movies. His Bhuvan Shome is said to have initiated and encouraged storytellers to narrate movies in a natural...

  • Sirivennela is a classical poet- An Amazing Analysis

    Sirivennela is one of the rare writers who has written songs that don't just suit commercial values but also inspires our way and impacts our thoughts. Here is an interesting...

  • How Does Your Hair, Skin & Nails Reveal Your Health | Know Your Plate

    Hair, nails and skin. These aren’t just a form of external appearance. They reveal what’s happening inside. A glance at them would reveal the deficiency of various nutrients in our...

  • Bunker Roy – The Power of Self Reliance | Your's Friendly

    Sanjit Roy, fondly called Bunker Roy is a unique personality who wasn’t satisfied by uplifting others. He wanted people to become self-sustainable and solve their own problems. Whether it is...

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