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On TALRadio Broadcast, podcasts, Videos, and Blogs were all made to strengthen our vision of spreading kindness through stories.

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Welcome to our optimistic world! Listen, Feel, Act.

We love to tell stories. Stories of unsung heroes, of inspiring lives, of die-hard struggles… stories that motivate us! We believe that this is the best way to move the hearts, as words can do wonders. We trust that a few good words could spread positivism, showcase the problems and provide inspiration. They can make the listeners feel good, evoke kindness among them and motivate them to serve the needy.

Our Radio Broadcast, Podcast, Videos, and Blogs were all made to strengthen our vision of spreading kindness through stories

Recent Hindi Podcast Episodes

  • Interview with Dr Juhi M Garg

    Dr Juhi Garg is the Founder and CEO of DivIn Pro. She has a lot of information about the start ups and business ideas. She has been a seasoned higher...

  • Smokeless - Save Your Family

    WHO and public health champions around the world will come together to celebrate World No Tobacco Day. This year’s theme is “We need food, not tobacco”. Dr. Rohini Shingare speaks...

  • Interview with Dr. Kukreja A Kalani

    Worldwide, homeopathy is one of the largest systems of medicine. However, it is still subject to some myths. So to clarify such doubts let's listen to Dr. Kukreja A. Kalani...

  • Interview with Dr. Rohini MD

    Homeopathy is a complementary treatment method based on two principles: first - do no harm, second - prescribe based on similarity. You can stimulate your body's natural healing mechanism by...

  • Interview with Snehalaya

    Snehalaya works towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination for every woman and child. Its 23 projects work across Ahmednagar District to prevent and address the root causes...

  • Interview with Poornima Garg (Room to Read)

    Reading age-appropriate books will make a child's brain sharper says Poornima Garg from Room to Read a Nonprofit organization. They believe that Education can open doors to Knowledge, Opportunity, and...

  • Interview with Sumanta Kar

    SOS Children's Villages of India has been empowering vulnerable children and caregivers since over five decades. Listen to this inspiring talk with Mr. Sumanta Kar, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Village...

  • All about PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is typically earmarked by irregular periods or by no menstruation at all. Many young girls and women with PCOS find they’re able to manage their symptoms...

  • All about PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is typically earmarked by irregular periods or by no menstruation at all. Many young girls and women with PCOS find they’re able to manage their symptoms...

  • Free Coaching Vidya Mission Interview

    Free Coaching Vidya is an online coaching mission initiated by Badrinath Vittal and Indira Vittal ji. It was started with 1 student and now the number has raised to 13000...

  • Chalte-Chalte

    When expectations are not met, it can lead to feelings of disappointment, frustration, and even anger. In some cases, people might become so attached to their expectations that they are...

  • Man Behind 3,524,821 Healthy Trees

    Some people work for their family, some work for the society, some for the state and even for the country, but this man is working for the whole planet, Earth....

  • Interview with Usha Choudhary

    Usha Choudhary is the co-founder of Vikalp Sansthan. When Usha Choudhary was 14, Usha confronted her parents about their decision to marry her off and force her out of school....

  • Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

    One must have a big heart to think about the needy people. Sana Arora is one such personality who is working hard to uplift the needful with her Feed'em Movement.

  • TAL Experts - Dr Tejji Sarna

    Dr Tejji Sarna has done Ph.D. in Nutrition and she is a Consultant Lifestyle Nutritionist and Meal Planner. In this podcast she is going to clarify so many myths and...

  • Interview with Padma Shri Jawahar Kaul

    Padma Shri Jawahar Lal Kaul is the Founder and Chairman of All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB), an NGO working towards the rehabilitation of the blind. Indian government honored...

  • Interview with Nidhi Goyal

    Nidhi Goyal has been working on disability rights and gender justice since a decade. She has been committed to changing lives of persons with disabilities and has worked with a...

  • Interview with Dr. Singh

    Dr. Singh is an orthopedic surgeon from Patna. He is related to so many organizations like Indian Orthopedic Association, Indian Red Cross Society, and Indian Medical Association etc. He is...

  • Greatness of Bike Ambulance Dada

    Where there is a will there's a way. If you want to help others no need of money, power or something else. The only thing you need is determination and...

  • Interview with Dr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan

    Nobody can make you success. Your hard work, sincerity and dedication makes you successful says Dr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan. Let’s listen to his success story in his own...

  • Interview with Mamta Maggu

    We keep hearing about picnic, but what about a Booknic? It’s one of the superb ideas shared by Mamta Maggu ji. Her ideas and views are not only useful for...

  • About Manya singh

    Crowned Miss India 2020 runner-up, this beauty queen is a true inspiration for all.

  • Sudha Murthy-An Inspiration

    Her name is an inspiration to many people. Sudha Murthy has always been an advocate of women's rights and a pioneer in the development of education. She is also famous...

  • Interview with Dr.Pujitha Josyula

    After passing through a sudden incident or accident it's not so easy to get back to normal. For some people it takes weeks and for others it may take years...

  • Chalte-Chalte

    How to buildup our character as strong and unique as the 7 wonders of the world. To know about this, just listen to Shruti and enjoy....

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