Can we imagine our civilization without stories? Never! Our world moves forward spilling stories from every life. The conversations we hear, places we reach and people we meet are all filled with stories.

We bet that you too have a lot of stories to say. Some of them are repetitive, some are casual and some are boring… but we all have a unique story to say. TAL Radio gives you an opportunity to share your reality with thousands of listeners.

Have you been through an inspiring life journey? Did you face a huge challenge and got over it? Are you a witness to an extraordinary person? If you think that your story might evoke positivity among the listeners… do reach us.

You and us as a team would find the best way to convey the story to the listeners.

Our call is not just for the individuals. Startups, communities, NGO’s, educational institutions… are all welcome to be a part of our Radio to share the positive stories of their members.

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